Everything You Need To Know About Sporrans

If you are from Scotland then I bet you must have heard about sporrans but if you don’t then sporrans are basically a type of pocket that stores various sort of important stuffs. A sporran plays a really important role in the highland dress. It dangles a little lower than the waist and it looks perfectly fine if worn along with a leather strap.

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The sporrans are available in mostly two materials and the name of those materials are fur and leather or both of them combined. Sporrans were first introduced during the historical wars in which soldiers had to find something that they can use it as a pocket to store important items. Additionally, they are also used as a decorational wear. Nowadays, they are available in a bunch of styles and they also have tassels on them.

You might be wondering that why do they have tassels on them? Well, the answer to that question is that they are like that for decades and it seems like the way to go forward. They are the perfect way to express your love for the Scottish heritage.

In the early days, sporrans were only manufactured from different kind of animal hairs and skins such as rabbits, horses, foxes and so on. You can also get your hands on them right now because there are still some manufacturers that make sporrans out of genuine horse or rabbit’s hair.

It is in many people’s mind that tassels are only used for decorative purposes. However, that’s not true because they are there for a very important cause. With the help of tassels, we are able to tell the difference between different sorts of sporrans. A full dress sporran will have around 3 or more tassels along with a metallic design. Furthermore, semi-dress sporrans only contains 3 tassels and they are mostly made from fur like material.

Tassels should not be used alongside your day-to-day kilt. Instead, they should be reserved for special events like a friend’s wedding ceremony, annual highland events, and so on. Tassels plays a vital role in increasing the overall look of the sporran. In simple words, a sporran is pretty much incomplete if not worn with tassels.

A sporran should be worn everyday with your kilt. It not only makes your outfit look complete but also adds the functionality of having a handy pocket.

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